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Digital Signage Packages

Short Term Digital Signage Rentals

Draw attention and customers to your business by placing a Digital Sign in the front window of your store. Highlight a special sale or new merchandise with an animated display that is certain to attract interest and increase both traffic and sales.

Choose from one of our Programs:

JOIN OUR NETWORK - Lasting Image Media installs a "No Cost" Digital Signage System (DSS) at your business or at multiple locations. Your customers enjoy a variety of entertaining and informational content, along with special offers from local and national companies.

PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT - Your business invests with us on the equipment and installation fees. All content appearing on the DSS represents only products and services offered by your company and your partners. Lasting Image Media manages all content changes for a discounted monthly fee.

BUILD YOUR OWN NETWORK - Our Digital Signage Team will help you design the right system for your needs that you purchase and operate through your own company.

Stay ahead of the digital curve with an internal communication system. Through your own network, you can communicate important information to your guests and employees, or bring attention to new products or services and help increase sales. Digital Signage can also improve the perception of your business when you offer the latest in cutting edge services for your customers. Companies with multiple locations can set up a network of several signs to better connect your business.
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